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Moving In

Our Story

The desire to stop dumping cardboard and plastic in our planet

Back in 2010, when our founder Gary was helping friends move out of their apartments near UCLA, he found the monstrous piles of cardboard boxes by the dumpsters very alarming. Many were used just once and then soiled with liquids or contaminated, rendering them unable to be recycled. Bubble wrap, sticky webs of tape, and students complaining about "weak boxes" exacerbated the problem. 

This led Gary to search for a better solution that he could suggest to student groups and neighbors. He then found the concept of companies renting out commercial-grade plastic boxes as a zero-waste option and decided to provide that solution to residents of his hometown of Sacramento. The rest is history!


As the leading provider of sustainable moving boxes to the Greater Sacramento area, California Box Rental has been known for creating world-class, unparalleled, and exceptional service with the highest level of professionalism. As a local startup, we promise to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and make your move better than you could have imagined. Just take a look at our reviews!

  • Boxes for the book lover, and fine china connoisseur in your home ​

  • Tape getting a little out of (or all over) your hands? Won't need it for our boxes!

  • Pack'em, close the lid, and stack em' on our custom dolly... done!

  • Alas, what about your fridge, dresser, and that inherited grandfather clock...oh do we have STRAPS for you


California Box rental strives to provide the most streamlined, stress-free moving experience possible, by eliminating the never-ending task of finding, buying, preparing, and disposing of flimsy cardboard boxes for packing. Renting our boxes saves you time, energy, money, and hair on your head, while also saving the environment by preventing that many used cardboard boxes, tape rolls, and bubble wrap from filling landfills! Hats off to you!


What is California Box Rental?

California Box Rental, or CBR if you're really cool with us, is the premier provider of zero waste reusable box rentals for moving and storage in the Greater Sacramento area. We rent boxes, dollies, appliance straps, wardrobe boxes, and tubs! Whether you're moving your office, retail store, apartment, or home, we've done it all! We also specialize in corporate/business storage services during renovations/relocation.

Why should I rent versus just using cardboard boxes?

Well for cardboard you probably either have to go dumpster diving for some unsanitary, soggy, dirty (you get the picture) boxes which takes more time and driving. Or you can buy them, build up, tape them, then break down and dispose of them. Why bother with that when you already have enough to worry about? Our boxes are always clean and ready to use. When you're done, we pick up and take them off your hands!

What if I need them longer than a week?

No problemo! As long as they are available, the prices are per week, so you can keep them up to 4 extra weeks beyond the initial week!

How do I reserve the boxes?

Give us a call, send us a lovely note, or fill out our contact form! Once we create a package for you, we'll email you a rental agreement to reserve your package. Once it's signed, we'll arrange a pickup or delivery that's convenient for you. Please note that we must receive a 24 hour notice to cancel to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.

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